Biography of Alexis Fawx

Keiran Lee

Name: Alexis Fawx

Artistic Name: Alexis Faus

Born: June 23, 1975 in Pennsylvania

Nationality: United States

Height: 162 centimeters

Weight: 45 kilos

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Eyes: Hazel color

Hair: Blonde

The vicious mature who is an unfaithful woman

Here you will find the best selection of content of the vicious mature who is also the unfaithful woman of Keiran Lee, we are talking about the blonde Alexis Fawx and we are going to write her biography a bit and also we bring you the best scenes of her long professional career.
Alexis Fawx began doing pornography in 2012 hired by the producer called Bang Bros, and played the role of vicious mature and was so successful his first filming that the same year the main producers worldwide offered him a contract starting this way what that could be described as the great career of erotic cinema.
In this way as soon as the world was made known and until today Alexis Fawx has not stopped working and has offered us some of the best sexual scenes that you can still see today leaving his mark impregnated in everything he touches and it is that his good work makes this vicious mature a reference for all those people who want to start in the world of adult cinema, but of course the success he had in its beginnings is not something that happens in a common way since that a person has to stand out from the rest by providing unique content.
We also call her the unfaithful woman basically for two reasons, the first because she loves to play that kind of role and it shows because when she acts the vicious mature she feels very comfortable and the second is because Alexis Fawx married the film actor Pornographic called Keiran Lee with whom she is still married today and when working both interpreting this type of content it is normal to be qualified as the unfaithful woman because in each scene that comes out we could say it then when sleeping with other men who are not the husband is lacking respect but hey, being that job, let’s consider it normal.
The famous actress Alexis Fawx has a very close and friendly personality and a very beautiful body, and we are only describing some of the adjectives of the many that we could say to this unfaithful woman, since only by seeing any of her scenes could you qualify her Like the porn diva.
If you see any of the videos of the vicious mature surely you will want to see many more and from here we hope to see in the future much more of Alexis Fawx because his films where he plays as an unfaithful woman are insurmountable and we really like how he works.