Biography of Anissa Kate

Keiran Lee

Name: Anissa Kate

Artistic name: Alissa Kate

Born: May 07, 1987 in Lyon, France

Nationality: French

Height: 163 centimeters

Weight: 52 kilos

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Eyes: Hazel color

Hair: Brunette

The French girl who likes to make anal scenes

Here you will find the best videos of a French girl who loves to make anal scenes and who receives the name of Anissa Kate and we will also briefly explain her story a bit.
Anissa Kate is a pornographic star and model who was born in France on May 5, 1987. Before dedicating herself to erotic cinema Anissa Kate began as a lingerie model where she got some covers in some magazines where they extolled the beauty of the French girl.
One day she had the idea of ​​trying her luck making sex videos and she launched herself at that project at age 24, at that age she made her first film with a high level of sex and it was a success that not even she expected and left 2011 has always been active and her preference was the anal scenes that were the ones she enjoyed the most and gave her the most pleasure.
From that year 2011 until today it can be said that the French girl has made more than 200 films and of the most varied since she never says no to anything they propose but if she has to choose a type of video she always He will say loud and clear that he prefers to be offered to make anal scenes.
It is normal that this French girl has triumphed in this way since she has very large and well-placed natural tits and spicy eyes that, together with her slender body, have managed to reach very high in the porn industry and be one of the women who never There is a lack of work in this world because all the producers fight for it and offer really high sums for signing it so that they can perform more anal scenes that are their strong point.
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