Biography of Cathy Heaven

Keiran Lee

Name: Cathy Heaven

Artistic Name: Chaty Heaven, Cathy B, Cathy Haven, Chaty, Evelin Garamvolgyi, Kathy, Kathy Heaven, Katija

Born: July 28, 1980 in Budapest

Nationality: Hungary

Height: 165 centimeters

Weight: 60 kilos

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Brown

The vicious woman with giant breasts

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The beautiful Cathy Heaven is a great Hungarian porn star who traveled to the United States with the sole objective of being able to unleash her sexual appetite and capture it on the screens of all the seers, this vicious woman with giant breasts made her debut at the age of 29 years in 2009, and proved from the beginning to be as hot, enthusiastic and involved as girls much younger than her but with more experience in bed to contribute and giant breasts that few girls could compete and was also a vicious woman with an insatiable sexual appetite.
From that first scene Cathy Heaven was growing within the pornographic industry to be one of the most popular and famous actresses in both the United States and Europe where she was very recognized and admired among young people who wanted to do the same as vicious woman, her fame became so great that even many girls began to have her tits operated to try to get the giant breasts Cathy Heaven has.
In the present Cathy Heaven has worked for the main producers of erotic cinema worldwide and over time the vicious woman had the idea to make her own blog and from 2011 and thereafter Cathy Heaven writes there her sexual experiences and tricks to that the giant breasts you have do not decay over time.
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