Biography of Cherie DeVille

Keiran Lee

Name: Cherie DeVille

Artistic Name: Cherry DeVille

Born: August 30, 1978 in North Carolina

Nationality: United States

Height: 165 centimeters

Weight: 50 kilos

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Blonde

The bisexual girl who started as a model in lingerie

Here you can easily and intuitively find the best selection of films starring a sexy mature woman who calls herself Cherie DeVille, a female who has always defined herself as a bisexual girl because she likes men and women alike.
Cherie DeVille began working as a model in part-time lingerie until a photographer’s wife suggested that she try to pose naked because she had a very nice and worked body, the sexy mature accepted and began to stop being a model in lingerie.
At that time he met a guy who worked for pornographic magazines and seeing how well Cherie DeVille worked during the photo shoots, he told her to take the next step that was to pose with naked men and women, as she is a bisexual girl not He had no problem and agreed to take these types of photographs, leaving aside being a model in lingerie.
She collaborated with that photographer for a while but soon a talent hunter found the photos of the sexy mature and offered to make live porn directly and shoot some much more explicit scenes, and thanks to the fact that she was previously a model in lingerie she knew how to win the criticism and the public and the bisexual girl happened to be a claim for the producers because people wanted to see more scenes starring her.
Being a sexy mature with large breasts and a spectacular body instantly became a sex bomb that everyone wanted to sign and happened to be almost unknown to a famous actress known throughout the world.
Cherie DeVille began shooting very explicit pornographic films and being a bisexual girl did not care who had sex, becoming a porn diva in the mid-thirties (2012).
In her long career that began as a model in lingerie, many years have passed and she has worked for the popular Twistys adult website where the sexy mature got even more success and worldwide recognition.
Being a porn star and a bisexual girl you can see her in many scenes of cuckold husbands playing the role of sexy mature who needs sex, because for Cherie DeVille she always loves that provocative part that pornographic movies have and is shown in front of people as as it is in a way that makes them see all the things they can do with it and that they can’t do in real life.
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