Biography of Christie Stevens

Keiran Lee

Name: Christie Stevens

Born: September 12, 1986 in Salt Lake City, Utah

Nationality: United States

Height: 158 centimeters

Weight: 52 kilos

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Eyes: Green

Hair: Blonde

The perfect woman with the body of desire

Here we will briefly explain the story of what is considered to be the perfect woman who has the body of desire that every man wants to possess and who receives the name of Christie Stevens, and you can also watch online for free her best erotic and pornographic scenes .
Christie Stevens is a real sex bomb because when you look at her you see a thin blonde with big tits and a round ass that when you touch them you don’t want to let them go, we know that with such a description we could consider that she has the body of desire and For us it is because she is simply the perfect woman that every man wants to have at home exactly in bed, and the only downside we can tell her by adding something negative is about her height since Christie Stevens is not very tall but that far Being something negative for us is positive because in this way it is more manageable in bed.
Born in Salt Lake City in 1986 she began her professional career working as a stripper for 6 years just after graduating from the university where she studied jazz, hip-hop and ballet, where you could already see the skills for the interpretation of Christie Stevens in front of the camera and dancing.
After undressing (which he had no trouble doing) and showing that he had the body of desire he made his debut in a sex scene for a secondary producer to be known in November 2011 and not even Christie Stevens herself could imagine that she would have so much success because he was acclaimed by critics, since then he has worked for almost all the big business producers and has played all kinds of roles in many different situations, some of them unlikely, but they all have something in common because as soon as the perfect woman appears on screen the temperature rises and its interpretation half good girl and half naughty girl make it a claim for the public and if we add that in all its films it shows naked the body of the desire of which Christie Stevens presumes and with reason we could assure that it is a guaranteed success For own and strangers.
Today, a few months ago we do not see any scene starring the perfect woman but we have no news that he has stopped acting with which we will be very attentive in case soon the perfect woman offers us another video of him where he sees everything luxury of details the body of desire that he has naked and enjoying sexual relations with whom it is his turn to record the scene.
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