Biography of Eva Lovia

Keiran Lee

Name: Eva Lovia

Artistic name: Mia Marx

Born: May 29, 1989 in Los Angeles

Nationality: United States

Height: 160 centimeters

Weight: 52 kilos

Ethnicity: Asian

Eyes: Hazel color

Hair: Brown

The bisexual woman expert in films for girls

We will briefly explain the story of a bisexual woman who receives the name of Eva Lovia who began acting acting films for girls that you can find on our website because in addition to her biography we will share with you the best successes of this bisexual woman .
Eva Lovia started in the adult film industry making only films for girls because she said that with lesbian scenes she would already earn enough money to live.
The bisexual woman said that she was more comfortable with a girl in front of the camera and wanted to show us that it is possible to make a living by exclusively making films for girls and also at that time she did not dare to shoot scenes with boys.
However, Eva Lovia, after two years of working exclusively in lesbian scenes, decided to step forward and put her pussy in front of the camera at the mercy of the man who had to shoot him in heterosexual videos, and that decision was made after Talk to some producers that encouraged her so that in addition to making films for girls she made them for boys.
Over the years Eva Lovia decided to treat her fans in a different way and the bisexual woman gave them some videos of heterosexual sex and the first was with a producer who had already told her previously that apart from making films for girls the performed with men and the prestigious Mick Blue was with whom he shared that first scene.
A few months ago we have not known anything about Eva Lovia but she has not told any media outlet that she has stopped shooting erotic scenes with which to be attentive to her record because surely soon we will be able to see the bisexual woman again back.
Once the history of Eva Lovia is explained in a summarized way, we leave you with her great successes that you will be able to see online and for free, but also in high definition, and if you are a fan of her, we recommend that you put your card as favorites in your web browser and that Go regularly to check if there are any new videos of his.