Biography of Julia Ann

Keiran Lee

Name: Julia Ann

Artistic Name: Julie Ann

Born: October 08, 1969 in Los Angeles, California

Nationality: United States

Height: 173cm

Weight: 57 kilos

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Eyes: Blues

Hair: Blonde

The busty veteran with the large vagina

If you were looking for Julia Ann content you are in the right place because here we will show many of the scenes where she appears but we will also write the full biography of this busty veteran who can boast having a large vagina from having sex.
Julia Ann debuted in erotic cinema in 1992 at the age of 23 although she was the classic blonde porn star with blue eyes, she would soon stand out from the rest of the competitors thanks to her delivery and acting skills and despite only having made a Adult film in its first year turned out to be incredibly popular and they began to look at Julia Ann to work with her.
From that distant time to the present, he has always been working in the erotic and pornographic cinema earning the nickname of a busty veteran since he has basically lived a lifetime in this profession and it might be one of the actresses with the longest professional career and with greater number of scenes shot to such an extent that she claims to have a large vagina because of the number of men who have passed through it.
The busty veteran is also well known for her huge breasts since relatively recently she had her breasts operated again to make them even bigger than she already had them and that made her stand out even more among her companions.
Now she has a few tattoos on her toned body, which can be seen when she undresses to show her large vagina or her breasts operated several times to get the attention of the audience exactly from men, to increase her cache because even if you see her Naked in his films, it can be said that within Julia Ann’s mind there is a calculator that is always thinking about how to make a living in the way that I report better salary and be more quoted.
During her long career Julia Ann has won more awards than we can mention already worked with the main producers worldwide and has earned a great reputation as the busty veteran who never tires of having sex and has the large vagina of all the times he has slept with men.
At present we can still see Julia Ann doing some sex video and although many years have passed since that 1992 that was when she started, it seems that she has made a pact with the devil because for the busty veteran the years do not pass and she still has the body almost the same as when he was young except for his large vagina that is increasingly big.