Biography of Keiran Lee

Keiran Lee

Name: Keiran Lee

Born: 15 January, 1984 in Derby

Nationality: United Kingdom

Height: 183 centimeters

Weight: 81 kilos

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Brown

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This handsome man started in 2007 and since then Keiran Lee has appeared in front of cameras in countless times, because we can say that they are hundreds of scenes shot but the exact number of them we imagine that not even Keiran Lee himself knows.
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His roles have been varied and he has interpreted multiple different facets and types of scenes. In his long career he has been honored by winning the award in 2007 for best male actor.
In 2008 Keiran Lee signed a 2-year contract with Brazzers and that same year the handsome man got engaged to the pornographic actress Puma Swede (Johanna Jussinniemi) and in 2009 they finally got married and are still married today.
Keiran Lee is still sexually attractive and continues to work on what he likes even though sometimes the work as a male actor overwhelms him a little and while he has sex with his castmates he reviews the multiplication tables and exercises the mind with mathematics .
Today this handsome English man continues to work for one of the main producers but as a producer or director although being so sexually attractive he continues to appear as a male actor in some videos and we can assure you that we will continue to see him for a few more years.
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