Biography of Lisa Ann

Keiran Lee

Name: Lisa Ann

Artistic Name: Lee Ann Vision, Zina Sunshine, Leesa, Nailin Palin

Born: May 09, 1972 in Pennsylvania

Nationality: United States

Height: 157 centimeters

Weight: 51 kilos

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Brown

The busty hairy woman who does anal sex without a condom

Today we will briefly explain the story of Lisa Ann, a busty hairy woman who since she started working making erotic videos became famous for her passion when doing anal sex without a condom but we will also share some of her best movies where she appears naked and having sexual intercourse so you can watch them online and for free.
Lisa Ann started in the porn industry in 1997, some time ago of its beginning but this busty hairy girl is always in perfect condition and that was when she discovered what she liked to have anal sex without a condom, she was initially working for 3 years in the business before fleeing due to the cases of AIDS that shook the erotic industry during that time.
Although Lisa Ann did not shoot films at that time, she also worked behind the scenes of pornography as an agent, where she gave advice to the new actresses who wanted to look like the busty hairy, in 2004 she appeared again in front of the cameras again eager to enjoy anal sex without a condom in addition to all the things that were offered because at that point in life where Lisa Ann was, she was not afraid of anything since she had become a woman.
And since then the busty hairy has not stopped shooting scenes of anal sex without a condom already appeared in some of the best pornographic parodies that you can see in the present as for example, is well known for playing the heroine wonder woman in her adult version
A few months ago we know nothing about the busty hairy but with Lisa Ann nobody is sure of anything because in her day she already left the adult film industry and then returned, so in our opinion we believe that she will have taken some rest and soon we will be able to enjoy his content again where you can verify that this woman loves having anal sex without a condom, and for this you can see all the videos we have of her on this same page and surprise you when contemplating such a female named Lisa Ann.