Biography of Monique Alexander

Keiran Lee

Name: Monique Alexander

Artistic name: Monique Sunshine, Briana Burke, Monique Richards, Savannah Moore

Born: May 26, 1982 in Vallejo, California

Nationality: United States

Height: 165 centimeters

Weight: 46 kilos

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Eyes: Hazel color

Hair: Redhead

The busty redhead who was a photography model

We present the specific category of Monique Alexander a girl who was a model of photography and work for several magazines for adults until she decided to make the leap to the big screen becoming the busty redhead that everyone talks about.
Monique Alexander began at the age of 18 as a model of photography stripping for some magazines for adults in order to get extra money at the end of the month, it was not long until he began to make much more sexual and explicit photo shoots for those same magazines for adults.
Until a year later, Monique Alexander did not decide to start shooting erotic movies from the very beginning, getting a contract with a producer called Sin City, at which time after signing that contract he decided to stop being a model of photography and they He told adult magazines that the next step in his professional career was cinema.
His first sexual experience with a camera in front and with a man did not come until 2004 and the man who had the honor of penetrating the busty redhead was Rocco Siffredi, a well-known actor who had already seen Monique Alexander before when he worked as model of photography and it was the same who contacted adult magazines to find out who that busty redhead was and who offered the job to her.
Monique Alexander has always said that she is a true bisexual girl and that she can love men and women equally and that her experience as a photography model served as a springboard to be a film actress and adult magazines served her to have influential contacts already that many of the producers when seeing the busty redhead wanted to find out about her to offer her roles in well-known films, all that long before filming the scene with Rocco.
Nowadays we can still see the busty redhead but what we usually do are lesbian scenes and we rarely see Monique Alexander have complete relationships with any boy, but with the body he has and his pretty face the same thing he soon does again the scenes that once where you could see her act in orgies and threesomes where she was the one that stood out among all.
A great actress with a great videography that you can see in this section that we have created exclusively for her and that you can watch her great successes for free and online, but we are sure that many more successes in her working life still await her.