Biography of Rachel Starr

Keiran Lee

Name: Rachel Starr

Born: November 26, 1983 in Burleston, Texas

Nationality: United States

Height: 163 centimeters

Weight: 52 kilos

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Brunette

The brunette with good tits that made of striper at home

We present the biography of Rachel Starr and also the best scenes of the brunette with good tits that began as a home-based striper and ended up being a muse of pornography.
Rachel Starr began her professional career doing hot scenes in February 2007 when she was only 23 years old thanks to a very famous adult film actor who discovered her while working as a home-based striper in California.
After that first scene and seeing the results she had and the great success the brunette with good tits began to think about dedicating herself full time in that sector because she saw that she could live well by interpreting films for adults and that she earned more money than when she did striper at home.
In the end, Rachel Starr launched herself in the new project and contacted some producers that did not put any impediment on her and offered her roles to play more and more complex and with more prominence until the brunette with good tits managed to be the main actress of all scenes where she appeared receiving very positive reviews from the public, leaving definitively the work of striper at home because she no longer needed it.
During the last twelve years Rachel Starr has had a very rich and varied professional career and a fan base that supports her work with devotion and always encourages her to make more films.
His fans love his curvy ass, his anal scenes and especially the breasts he has that are simply perfect. In her long career the brunette with good tits has appeared in successful erotic films made by the most prestigious producers that are only available to the most recognized and famous actresses globally earning a fortune and becoming a reference and at the same time a legend within of adult cinema.
And here in his biography you can find the best material of Rachel Starr and enjoy watching how he acts in different scenes all of them in good quality and free to watch online.