Biography of Veronica Vain

Keiran Lee

Name: Veronica Vain

Artistic Name: Paige Jennings, Paige A. Jennings

Born: May 03, 1991 in Savannah, Georgia

Nationality: United States

Height: 160 centimeters

Weight: 54 kilos

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Red

Veronica Vain, made a breakthrough in the porn industry after she left her Wall Street job to be a porn star. She has a good reputation intellectually so no one expected her to quit her job to work in the porn industry. That news sounded like a bomb and suddenly got the desired attention. She is an intelligent girl who loves finances and worked well in her previous job, but sitting at a desk for eight or more hours was draining life. She was bored at work and often masturbated under her desk (which of course is forbidden).