A free erotic story with a magical book

A free erotic story with a magical book
Published on Thursday January 23rd, 2020 by

Woman quenches her sexual appetite with a stranger

Today we will tell you a free erotic story through the eyes of its protagonist, a girl with great sexual appetite that finds a magic book and through a spell manages to make a guy with the big penis appear by magic that will be made available to him for all.
The female with a lot of sexual appetite is actress Rhiannon Ryder, a woman who is professionally dedicated to producing and interpreting videos intended for an adult audience and which is currently in fashion thanks to having one of the best butts you can find online but also accompanied by a pretty face that makes you enjoy when you have oral sex.
A free erotic story of very good quality in which you can see the protagonist of the tale being penetrated by a man with the big penis while her friend watches them until she leaves blushing.
Artists: Rhiannon Ryder and Danny D. Summary: video that explains a free erotic story about a woman with a lot of sexual appetite that manages to satisfy him thanks to a book that makes a boy with the big penis appear in front of her. Year: 2020.

A big penis giving pleasure to a nymphoman

At the beginning of the adventure you will see a couple of friends entering a house while they talk to each other, and if you are attentive to the conversation you will see that one of them has a sexual appetite to try an unknown boy with a big penis.
Once the two women in the living room will find a book in which you can read a free erotic story and the girl with the sexual appetite begins to read it without knowing that it is a magic book.
Just after reading the free erotic story, a boy with the big penis will appear instantly, which is just what she wanted and will go straight to him with the aim of putting his cock in his mouth while the friend watches the situation.
Leaving aside that volume where the free erotic story appeared will focus on the virile member of the stranger and lick and suck at pleasure while the other girl leaves the shame.
After a fabulous oral sex, the female with a sexual appetite will take the big penis and put it inside her pussy until she reaches orgasm and is completely satisfied.

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