Real sex doll offers pleasure to a guy

Real sex doll has an open relationship
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Enjoying an open relationship at home

Today we are going to see first hand how an open relationship is because in today’s video we will see a girl who gives the boyfriend a real sex doll with which he can satisfy himself and do all those things that go through his head.
The real sex doll that we will see on screen is really an actress called Sybil Stallone and she plays that role perfectly and that will provoke more than a male excitement.
That curvy woman has enormously well-placed breasts and a giant round butt that appears to have been specifically designed to make men happy.
Well today this actress will make love with a guy who has an open relationship since his partner will not mind having sexual intercourse with the brunette but will encourage him to penetrate her mouth and vagina with the virile member.
Artists: Sybil Stallone and Tyler Nixon. Summary: scene in which we will show a couple in an open relationship that to celebrate the boy’s birthday they buy as a gift a real sex doll to satisfy the most intimate wishes of that man who ended up making love in front of the girlfriend without she cares. Year: 2020.

A girlfriend gives her partner a very special gift

At the beginning you will see two young people who maintain an open relationship who are celebrating the boy’s birthday, what he does not expect is that the girlfriend has bought him a real sex doll to celebrate his anniversary and as soon as he gives him the gift we will see how he is he is surprised and very happy.
At first we will look at the guy a little surprised as he touches the body of the real sex doll because it will seem very human, but the girlfriend will encourage him to try it and insert the penis through the different holes it has.
In this way we will see how the boy takes the male member out of the pants to insert it into the mouth of the real sex doll while the girlfriend watches happily because she knows that she is not doing bad because both agreed to have an open relationship.
After a few minutes the guy will cheer up and he will also want to try the vaginal hole with which he will begin to have quality sexual intercourse under the watchful eye of the girlfriend.
Finally we will see how the girl encourages the boy to ejaculate on top of the brunette without caring since an open relationship means that they can sleep with whoever they want without expecting anger or reproach.

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